Cengiz Hendek is an exceptional photographer. On an unconventional way photos arise, which hold the current atmosphere and the sense of time.

Once a good friend said to him, that he has no artistic talent. He was right: All musical efforts have failed. Singing is strictly avoided. In school there was never a better grade for his handwriting than a 4 (acceptable). The drawing and painting were a disaster. So all that remained was the photograph. Maybe it is the right place and the right time, which creates beautiful photos. Or maybe he has a little artistic talent. Maybe.

Born in 1979, as the third child of Turkish immigrants in Gross-Gerau he is living in Dietzenbach since 1981. There are no paths or roads in Dietzenbach on which he has not walked or driven. The curiosity about the shooting came from the mother. When the father initially came alone to Germany, he brought her a camera as a gift.

Grew up in a deprived area, he got an insight into different cultures and lifestyles. The urge to change society positively, he lives by various volunteer activities.

The photos of Cengiz Hendek are characterized by the sight of the essential and sometimes the seemingly unessential.